Printing Custom Labels for Emporio Coffee's Espresso Cleaner

Emporio Coffee has been a respected brand in the New Zealand coffee industry for more than two decades and we’re proud to call them clients (and neighbours).

Knowing only a clean machine can make a great espresso, it was only a matter of time before Emporio launched their own espresso cleaning product onto the market.

They came to us to lend a hand with the graphic design and print. Emporio had a clear vision for what they wanted, which made the layout of the graphics an easy task. After prototyping and refining the design, we printed a batch of matt permanent self-adhesive labels which featured a convenient peel tab for easy application.


Finished size:
250 x 78mm + 10mm peel tab

Jet Laser Matt Permanent Solid Back self adhesive.


Slit peel tap and pad into pads at left edge with backing card.

Emporio Expresso cleaner bottle label

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