Printing document folders for The Faisandier Group

The Faisandier Group is a property development company which builds affordable homes for everyday New Zealanders.

Thanks to a long-standing relationship with their Marketing & Communications Director Simon, we were pleased to be asked to print some document folders for an upcoming development. These were silkscreen printed with a spot U.V. gloss varnish onto thick black card stock before being diecut to final shape.

Simon was also kind enough to leave us this glorious review on Google.

'The finest printer in all the land!

I've been working with Colourcraft for over 12 years and they've never let me down. Conversely, I have let them down many times with ridiculous requests due to my lack of planning and preparation and they have never complained or cut me loose, amazing really.

When all those other printers get wobbly legs and start dropping out of the race, crying out for water and complaining that their legs are sore. Colourcraft are gliding majestically out in front, effortlessly, unmercifully crushing their competition with the greatest service a customer could ever hope for.
Even on the small jobs, they go the extra mile. Their expert advice and guidance has steered me in the right direction when my hair-brained ideas could have ended in absolute disaster.

They know their stuff. I'm stirred to write a poem about how much I appreciate Colourcraft but I think this review will lose all credibility if I do, so I shall refrain. I'd give them 6 stars if Google would let me. Colourcraft is Wellingtons printer of choice.'


Finished size:
537 (W) x 386mm (H) which assembles to 223 (W) x 307mm (H) with 5mm gusset.

320gsm Popset Black.

Blind spot U.V. gloss varnish on outside.

Diecut and supplied flat.

Printing silkscreened document folders for The Faisandier Group
Printing silkscreened document folders for The Faisandier Group
Printing silkscreened document folders for The Faisandier Group

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