Printing Keg Collars for Cassel’s Brewery

We’re lucky to have Christchurch’s Cassel’s Brewery as a client and over the last years we’ve printed thousands of their keg collars.

For Cassel’s, we produce these collars in two styles, a folded keg collar that can enclose a tap badge and securely attach it to a keg during transport and a cost-effective flat collar that used to confirm the contents of a keg when it arrives at the bar.

Both keg collar styles are cut to a common shape using a cutting die used by brewery clients throughout the country.


Finished size:
Folding Collar: 103mm x 200mm
Flat Collar: 93mm x 186mm

300gsm Top Flight Carton Board.

Printed in CMYK on the outside.

Diecut to size and supplied flat.

Printing Keg Collars for Cassel’s Brewery