Sized Just Right: Fix & Fogg's Mega-Sized Cookie Crunch Label

At Colourcraft, we were honoured to collaborate with our talented neighbours, Fix & Fogg, renowned for crafting the world's best nut butters. They presented us with a unique challenge: printing a label for a one-of-a-kind 5KG jar of Cookie Time Cookie Crunch, destined for a fundraising auction organised by Everybody Eats.

The massive label, printed in full colour on a self-adhesive stock, spanned over 500mm in width, which replicates the look of their 265g jar label which is printed by another supplier.

Thrilled with the outcome, we take pride in contributing to Fix & Fogg's support of the community. As partners in quality, Colourcraft is the go-to destination for premium printing services in Wellington.


Finished size:
530 x 150mm + 10mm peel tab

Eurotak Castgloss (Solid Back) Self Adhesive.

Digitally printed in CMYK on one side.

Slit peel tab and trim to size.

Crafting a Colossal Label for Fix & Fogg
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