Capturing the essence of elegant design: Issue 1 of the Emma Brown Design Journal

At Colourcraft, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous talented designers and creative businesses. One such project that stands out is Issue 1 of the Emma Brown Design Journal, a printed journal that embodies the essence of elegant architectural and interior design.

The graphic design for the journal was expertly crafted by the Jemma Cheer Design Company. Printed on a 150gsm Advanced Laser paper, the journal measured 192 x 297mm, providing ample space for Emma Brown Design to showcase its portfolio.

The journal's cover, undersized at A5, was gold foiled on black stock, by Windmill Press. This attention to detail set the tone for what lay inside the journal.

Within its 40 pages, the Design Journal took readers on a journey through the studio's notable projects and design philosophies. Four transparent pages featuring text overlays were printed onto translucent paper, beautifully overlaying the stunning photography of Emma Brown's interior design work.

The journal also included an undersized insert, printed on a charming 135gsm pink stock. This insert served as a gateway to discover more about Emma Brown Design, providing additional information about their studio, team, and the values that drive their creative process.

In this project, we took pride in collaborating with the Jemma Cheer Design studio and Windmill Press to bring Emma Brown Design's vision to life. The Emma Brown Design Journal stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering quality printing services that elevate and showcase the outstanding work of our clients.


Finished size:
192 x 297mm

Cover: 350gsm Colorplan Black
Pages: 150gsm Advance Laser.
Overlays: 135gsm Gilclear
Insert: 135gsm Colorplan Fuchsia.

CMYK throughout.

Collate, saddle staple and trim to size.

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